Nicolás Copano and José Ignacio Stark Anchormen of Demasiado Tarde by Proyecto Ensamble

Time ago, we met with Nicolás Copano, the famous Anchorman from Demasiado Tarde news from CNN Chile, who knows perfectly our project, and he had an awesome idea: Materializing the connoted Anchormen from this time, in a downloadable, collectible paper toy.
This is why Proyecto Ensamble proudly present to you the first toys from Demasiado Tarde in CNN. Nicolás Copano and Jose Ignacio Stark.

Arms for Sony Ericsson Ensamble

Here you can find the arms for the new Ensamble that appears in the Sony Ericsson mini series. Ready to download and paste.

PrismaTV Denizens

After a long time without seeing the light, the denizens that we made for PrismaTV, now they see the light, ready for print, glue and enjoy. At that time the mission was to make 3 representative characters of Chile. A condor, a Moai and a native, also known as Selk’nam.

Condor paper toy Prisma TV

Funky Moai paper toy PrismaTV

Selk'nam paper toy PrismaTV

Wallpapers Proyecto Ensamble

This time we bring you this wallpapers with a green fury Ensamble in two citric flavours: 1280×800 px and 1920×1200 px.

Proyecto Ensamble accesories

Directly from the past, the original pieces from the first open call contribution….We’ve rescued for adult and children, the original accessories of Proyecto Ensamble. For the ones that already have the delicious monsters of series 1 (and to motivate the ones that don’t have them). We’ve created this download goodies in our web, for printing, cutting and join together this pieces that will complement your actual pieces.

without accessories…

with accessories!