Serie 4 The Edge

Series 4 The Edge

• 12 illustrated templates for fold and paste.
• 12 international artists invited.
• Printed in 250grm couche paper.
• Die cut and pleated templates.
Instructions and numbers for easy folding.
• For more information visit our blog post.

Invited Artists for 4 series “The Edge”: Ty Wilkins ; Wilmer Murillo (Honduras); Alberto Montt (Chile); Crin (Italy); Michael Fleming ; Miguel Molina Saldivia (Chile); Nano García (Chile); Pascal Cuttoli A.K.A. Royal Glamsters (France); Francisco Vargas A.K.A. Shhipp (Chile); Tougui (France); Salazad (Indonesia); Jorsh Peña (México).

Price: $10.00