Skull Paper Toys

paper toys skull matacho descorp paper packing I Need your Skull Proyecto Ensamble
paper mask I Need your Skull Proyecto Ensamble Glow in the Dark

Series I Need your Skull from Proyecto Ensamble. It contains 12 different Skull templates with Chilean and foreign artists, die-cut, pleated to facilitate subsequent folding and gluing in couche paper 250 gr. The artists in this series are: Steve Simpson (Ireland), Invisible Creature (USA), Redak Anderson (Perú), Marcos Esquenazi / Mal Dibujado (Argentina), Francisco Javier Olea (Chile), Pati Aguilera (Chile), Tite Calvo (Chile), Le Dorian (Chile), Jko. Sanchez (Chile), Newfren (Chile), GES (Chile), Tomás Ives (Chile). And the “custom” on the mask by Matacho Descorp (Colombia) which participated in our previous series 2 Proyecto Ensamble 2010. There are only 50 units of the Glow in the dark mask. The instructions for assembly can be seen on the back of the label and there are tutorials that complement in the page “Tutorials“.